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Library Honors Volunteers of the Year

Jessica PowersJessica L. Powers has been chosen as the Livermore Public Library’s Volunteer of the Year. As a volunteer for the Library since 2011, Jessica assisted in the planning and implementation of the Livermore Public Library’s first teen writing club, presented her new books at several author talks, and held several writing workshops for teens and adults.         
The teen writing club that Jessica leads continues to grow in participation. Library staff and writing club participants are pleased that she has committed to another year of teen writing club events in the fall, winter and spring of 2013-2014.  Jessica has also participated as a guest speaker for the Library’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) events.  She served on a panel of writers to provide her firsthand views of the writing process and also presented an informative talk about traditional publishing.   
Jessica is truly an outstanding volunteer for the Library.  Her time, talents, and commitment to serving the Livermore community are much appreciated.

Tom LeonardTom Leonard has been chosen as the Livermore READ Project Volunteer of the Year.  Tom joined the READ Project in September 2001.  He has worked with 8 students since then, and he has approached each tutoring experience with dedication and patience.  Tom has been generous with both his time and his talents, always providing his students with the materials, knowledge, and encouragement they’ve needed to succeed.  Over the years he has participated in the Tutor Idea Exchanges offering tutoring tips and support to the other tutors, and he has even stepped in to facilitate the conversation class.  Tom has never let up helping his learners improve their literacy skills, increase their job prospects, and renew their self-esteem.  Tom’s dedication and commitment have made a lasting difference in both the Livermore community and in the lives of his learners.
Tom and his current student have been working together since February 2012. The Library is very fortunate that Tom joined the READ Project, and hopefully he will tutor for many more years to come!

Lindsey MurrayLindsey Murray has been chosen by the Friends of the Livermore Library as their Volunteer of the Year. President Janice Diane commended Lindsey for her cheerful service to the public in the Friends Bookstore and her willingness to help out dealing with book donations and sales.  Lindsey is an 8-year veteran of the Friends Bookstore, located in the Civic Center Library. She brings a helpful, friendly presence to her weekly shift and often takes on extra shifts. She has helped prepare for the Friends Special Sales of higher-priced books, and she and her husband Jim volunteer as supervisors at the Friends Monthly Sales the first Sunday of each month at the former library plaza. 

The Livermore Public Library is grateful for the generous help provided by these and the many other volunteers who serve in various ways throughout the library. For further information about volunteer opportunities at the Livermore Public Library, visit and under the “How Do I” tab, click “Volunteer”.